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Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Fund

Development Board (RWSSFDB)

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The Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Fund Development Board (Fund Board), established on March 14, 1996 by the Government of Nepal (GoN) under the Development Board Act 1956, is an autonomous organization under the Ministry of Water Supply and Sanitation (MoWSS), promoting and integrating community-led, demand-driven and participatory approach in rural drinking water and sanitation (RWSS) services all over the country. The prime objectives to set up the Fund Board were to: (i) bring about fundamental changes in the conventional supply-oriented approach to a demand-driven approach and participatory decision making and, (ii) support the government in sector policy making and development efforts. The major funding agency is the IDA/World Bank and with contributions coming from GoN and the communities.


The Board’s policies and plans are executed by the Fund Board Secretariat through the mobilization and deployment of 48 core staff, led by an Executive Director.  


S.N Name Organization Name Position
1  Mr. Manoj Ghimire Ministry of Water Supply  Chairperson
2 Mr. Rudra Singh Tamang Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development Member
3  Mr. Bhim Prasad Dhungana Nilkantha Municipality Member
4 Mr. Dev Bahadur Chand Chingad Municipality Member
7 Mr. Dhundi Raj Dahal Water Supply and Sanitation Engineer Member
8 Mr. Sanjeeb Yadav

Water Supply and Sanitation Engineer


9 Ms. Anita Sharma



10 Mr. Lila Prasad Dhakal Rurral Water Supply And Sanitation Fund Development Board Secretary