Initiative of Fund Board for minimizing the infection caused by COVID-19

Presently the global pandemic COVID-19 caused by Corona Virus has tormented the whole world. Millions of people have lost their lives and the death toll is increasing with every passing day due to which entire world is going through the tough time. Even though the evident history states about these types of pandemic that threatened our world in past too but the expert states that it is for the first time that certain pandemic has tangled the entire all at once. Where our country Nepal has not be able to save itself from the catastrophe that is making the whole world suffer. More than thousands of people in Nepal are suffering from Covid-19 and by the sixth of Shrawan 40 people suffering from it have lost their lives. However, more than 12 thousand people have been free from the infection and recovery cases are increasing since past one week. However, this does not mean we can take a sigh of relief and be completely carefree as the experts are still warning that this may cause the infection rate amongst the people to increase immensely than we have expected which has been observed lately in some countries.

Need of taking precaution:

World Health Organization (WHO) states that Corona Virus is present in saliva and mucus drooled and dropped from the mouth and nose of the person suffering from COVID-19. Hence when the infected person speaks, respires, coughs, sneezes the droplet of the person’s saliva and mucus can reach up to the two meters and infect the person sitting in the close distance. Consequently, social distancing appeared as the only way out to save people from infection due to which make countries had followed the lockdown as the safety mechanism. Accordingly, our country was in state of complete three months of lockdown that started from 19th of Chaitra, 2076 that was partly comforted taking necessary precautions thereafter. Thus, the experts say that if we take basic precautions like maintain social distance; wash our hand with soap thoroughly, apply hand sanitizer, stay away from crowd than we will be able to minimize the damage that COVID-19 can possibly cause. Henceforth, the health experts state that until the vaccine against the COVID-19 is discovered we need to carry on with our usual life keeping fear at bay, keeping precaution in our head. 


Fund Board response on COVID-19:

Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Fund Development Board has been trying to cope up the water supply and sanitation intervention even in these crucial condition created by the COVID-19 by continuously carrying out different activities as given below:

  • Morning ,afternoon and evening shifts has been maintained for the safety of staff from Corona Virus as per the criterion set by the Government of Nepal following the standard of World Health Organization. Likewise precautionary measures undermining the vulnerability created by Corona virus is practiced like compulsory use of mask in office, provision of measuring temperature of staffs and visitors in the entrance before entering office, arrangement of hand washing station at the main door of office and arrangement of sanitizer, and cleaning office premise. Similarly, mask and sanitizer is distributed to the staff.
  • To protect to the general public from getting infected from Corona Virus (COVID-19) 20 Hand Washing Station have been installed for facilitating the proper hand washing habit. These stations are specially set in Ward office, health posts, building for the mourners especially in such public places wherever the mobility of people is high where the indispensability and sustainability has been considered.
  • Posters, Brochures, Song, Notice, Radio program were prepared aired to spread awareness and  keep our Support Organization, Community and  other stakeholders aware about Covid-19 following precautionary measures. We can tune in 96.1 MHz and 101 MHz Radio Kantipur every Wednesday at 6:00 pm - 6:30 pm for listening to the awareness program and give feedback if any.
  • Code of conduct has been prepared to regularize the activities under us even in the crucial situation created by COVID-19 as it is our utmost responsibility to serve; under which guidance to the users committee, support organization and staff about the responsibility they need to take is clearly mentioned.
  • Awareness to proper hand washing, maintain social distance, take nutritious food, exercise regularly, not to loiter unnecessarily kind of message included information are spread through the social media platform on the regular basis.

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