Project Cycle

Project Description

Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Improvement Project (RWSSIP)

Total Project Cost

US$90 million                 


US$ 72 million credit & grant


US$10.5 million


US$7.5 million

Project Duration

2014 - 2020


55 districts

Target Population

1.50 million people with improved water supply and sanitation and an additional 0.9million with only improved sanitation

Target Schemes

1,450 + retroactively finance 424

Sector/ Sub-Sector

Water supply (80%); Sanitation (20%)


Rural services and infrastructure ,



Based on the experience of RWSSP-I and II, the Fund Board under the RWSSIP has designed a New Scheme Cycle and its duration span is not more than 24 months depending on geographical location, technology and type of community. Same length of the scheme cycle may not be suitable with the varying degrees of awareness, empowerment and organization among different communities in the country. Hence, activities within each phase may vary with the situation (scheme size, community’s capacity to organize) in a given community, and the contracts are awarded accordingly.

Pre-Development Phase

  • Community request
  • Needs assessment
  • Scheme feasibility


Development Phase

  • Formation of WSUG and constitution of WSUC
  • Design, appraisal, collection of user contributions
  • Opening of a Bank account


Implementation Phase

  • Purchase of materials and construction of water supply schemes


Post Implementation Phase

  • Periodic follow-up on the sustainability aspects of the scheme - technical, social and community management including operation and maintenance.